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Hi Marketer!

Yesterday, I mentioned that we needed to stop promoting traffic exchanges in rotation, and this goes for mailers, too (by the way), and get back to promoting products that will really make each of us a lot more money than promoting traffic exchanges or mailers ever will. I want you to know that I am not just saying that, and here is what I am doing to help you make the transition. I have been adding traffic exchanges and mailers in the Referral Builder, so you will periodically will want to check there for new ones that get added in there. I will try to give you a heads-up, when I do that, either here or in chat, or both. That way it will free you up to be able to rotate a product that you are passionate about promoting. And to prove to you that I am serious about this, I am cutting back on promoting traffic exchanges and mailers in rotation myself. My plan is to only promote in rotation the sites that are a part of the SurfAholics System. I encourage or challenge you to find a product that you really want to promote. Start with one now, just to meet the challenge! And go for it! And yes, I do have an idea for you, if you need one! LOL

Here are a couple of bonuses, just for reading this page. The first one can be found with the Commando Surf. The second one is at the bottom of this email. The middle part of this email is great information to keep you in the know and to have fun, while building your business.

It is Hump Day! Go Commando Surf, and receive up to 35 percent more per click!
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Bingo! Credits! Fun!

We are a part of the CSN 555 Partnership, and now SurfAholics System, just another way to bring traffic to your business!

We have our Daily Cross-promo with member sites of the SurfAholics System.
1. Surf 150 sites at all four traffic exchanges.
2. Claim your choice of 100 credits, 250 banners, or 250 texts in Surfer Rewards.

Along with Commando Surfing, the CSN 555 Partnership, and SurfAholics System, today, we give a warm welcome to:
* Cool Cat Hits, owner Ken Locatelli
* Manual Hits, owners Marlin Solli and Henrik Jensen

We are excited to have members from all these traffic exchanges taking part in the fun with us!

It is really simply to qualify.
1. Choose any one, or all.
2. Surf 125 pages at the respective traffic exchanges, and SurfAholics TE.
3. Choose from 100 credits, 250 banners, or 250 texts from Surfer Rewards.

Todays code is: HumpDay
1. Enter surfcode.
2. Surf 221 pages.
3. Receive 25 credits, 250 banners, and 250 texts.

So what you waiting for, Login and have some fun! And be sure to tell your friends!

Be sure to assign your credits, banners, and texts to keep your advertising going!

And you never know, when we might add some prizes in the surf, so be on the lookout for special deals and prizes in the surf as well!

Remember, our traffic exchanges motto is: The Future Is Now!!!

Regards Terry Allison
Owner: SurfAholics TE

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