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Are You Missing Out on Free Credits?

Hello Fellow Surfers,

I am the owner of Tornado Traffic which is on the LFMTE script.

Most traffic exchanges on this script have a section called “Surfer Rewards” and if your not going to this page you are missing out on FREE credits, banners and text ads.

The top section has “Daily Active Surfer Rewards“. Here you will find a list of prizes you can choose based on how many pages you have viewed.


Further down the page you will find the “Special Promo” section. These are the daily cross promos with other LFMTE exchanges.


To get FREE credits at these sites just surf the required number pages and collect your reward at both sites.

Sometimes there will be more that 2 exchanges for the Special Promo. For instance, Tornado Traffic has a daily cross promo with Surfaholics System, which has 5 exchanges in one Special Promo.

So don’t leave your free credits behind.  You are surfing  anyway go to the “Surfer Rewards” and collect your prizes!


Tornado Traffic needs your help! We are a member of TE Command Post and we need you to login to your account and add your Tornado Traffic affiliate ID to their downline builder. Just click the “Traffic Exchanges” button on the lefthand column.

Currently you will find Tornado Traffic on page 2. Adding your affiliate ID will help to raise our ranking and move Tornado Traffic up the long list of traffic exchanges listed at TE Command Post.


To Our Mutual Success,
Steven Ackerman
Owner/Adminstrator Tornado Traffic




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