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Tornado Traffic 10-19-17

Today’s cross promos at Tornado Traffic  are with Surfaholics TE  and Hip Hop With Traffic . Just surf 125 pages at each site and collect your choice of bonus of 100 credits or 250 Banners or Text ads!

These promos are a great way to get FREE visitors to your website or offer. Remember that the prize is times 2! You get the prize at both exchanges! So when you claim your prize at each site, that is 200 visitors, 500 banners, or 500 texts for FREE!

I have two important requests for you today. If you are a member at Traffic Browser please log in and vote for Tornado Traffic.

The other request is to login to TE Command Post and add your ID to Tornado Traffic.

If you are not yet a member of these two valuable programs I highly recommend that you join both of them.


To Our Mutual Success,

Steven Ackerman