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Surfaholics System Referral Contest Results!

The results of our Surfaholics System Referral Contest are in!

The Grand prize winner is…..

Kay Brasher $25
Congratulations Kay!

2nd Brenda Broyles $10

3rd Lucie Bellemare $5

4th Micah Kunz $5

The credits, banners and text prizes are awarded at each of the 3 sites.

5th Ronda Listeman 1000 credits

6th Renee Vorbach 500 credits

7th Ken Locatelli 250 credits

8th Patsy J Payne 150 credits

9th Graham McCallum 150 banners

10th Phil Lenz 150 text impressions

10th Mandy Moomy 150 text impressions

We would like to thank all those member who participated!